Epc / Consultancy Servi̇ces
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EPC / Consultancy Services
EPC / Consultancy Services

Consultancy services

Our company, whether in rooftop or land type solar power projects; Using professional analysis programs and experience, it carries out all the necessary preliminary work for investors to make more accurate investments.

Within the scope of these studies, the following analyzes are made;

1- Panel, Array and Stand Layout Plan
2- Inverter and String Configuration
3- 3D System and Direction Design
4- Discovery and Analysis of Shading Areas
5- Annual Sunshine and Production Analysis
6- Preliminary Project Cost Analysis and Depreciation
7- Sunbathing Simulation
8- Detection of Dusting and Pollution Factors
9- Temperature, Wiring and Mismatch Loss Analysis

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***These analyzes are performed with a 99% accuracy rate and are certified by our company.

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